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About AMACH Consulting

AMACH is an engineering services company specializing in industrial hydraulics.

Our team delivers global solutions to address your needs, ranging from the supply of a single standard component through to the supply of complete, custom equipment, as well as preventive and curative maintenance services.

Today AMACH is present with its full range of services in a variety of industrial sectors: Oil, Aviation, Metallurgy, Automotive, Rail, Shipping and Cement. Hence the expertise we are able to share with you is broad in its scope.

Guided by a constant determination to rise to new challenges, we are present in France and various countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The trust placed in us by our customers has been built on a set of values rooted in our DNA: attentiveness and improvement.

These values have made AMACH an innovative company that places its customers’ interests at the heart of all its solutions.

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Christophe MOUCHE


Thierno DIALLO

International Business developer


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