« My project is defined. I’m happy with its design. What happens next?”

AMACH has a quality process hinged around customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we make a point of ensuring the quality and deadline set out in our proposed solution are met so that the solution is operational on your production site from the time of implementation. Today, we work with a broad variety of customers from the aviation, oil, cement, metallurgy, transport and automotive sectors. We draw on a pool of expertise acquired in these different sectors to provide competitive services that fully match your ambitions.


Following the design and development phases of your project, our team channels its expertise and resources into the implementation of your project. We also respect each of the “design and development” steps set out above to ensure your facility is operational and productive.

Teams thus move from the theoretical aspects (needs analysis, solution proposal, schematic design and 3D simulation) through to the physical creation of your solution. Once designed, the solution is assembled, either partially or entirely, in our workshop prior to its complete integration at your production site.

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Present on land and sea

Our team is here to support your projects irrespective of the operating environment. The strength of our team lies in its capacity to work in environments that have to meet ATEX directive standards.

Our values are safety, innovation, attentiveness and transparency.

Hydraulics are YOUR STRENGTH.

A.Ma.C.H. Consulting designs and creates hydraulic systems on the basis of your specifications and technical configuration. We provide our services, from design through to execution, in France and elsewhere in the world. Our systems can be designed to meet ATEX directive standards.

Maintenance is OUR BUSINESS

We provide preventive and curative maintenance services for your hydraulic facilities and machine tools and also sell components, irrespective of brand.

Quality & control

In order to best help you achieve your production objectives, AMACH provides an additional quality control service via preventive machine maintenance and the improvement of your parallel installations.

Our team is here to advise you and work with you to find a global solution to address your needs.


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