Sep 27, 2019


Are you one of those who is in charge to integrate a full hydraulic power pack or a hydraulic benchmark in your industrial company?

Or are you looking for the best developed hydraulic power pack or hydraulic benchmark to meet the production needs …

In short, your goal is in any case to find the suited hydraulic equipment to meet your needs. So, follow our tips for a successful hydraulic power station or hydraulic test bench in six key steps

Step 1: For a successful hydraulic expertise, study the specificities of your needs.

This step is essential, so take the time to ask yourself the right questions: First, why do you need this hydraulic power plant or hydraulic benchmark?

What are the technical and functional requirements of the machine?

Do you already have an identical or similar machine in operation?

If so, why a new one, or why should you change the old one?

How is this machine used by the current operator and what are its constraints?

Step 2: Hydraulic power station or test bench, write your expectations.

Do you have an idea of ​​the expected result for the realization and the integration of your hydraulic power pack or hydraulic benchmark?

Write your specifications to put your ideas in order. To do so, take time to speak to all relevant departments and colleagues.

Do not hesitate to consult your collaborators who can be a great asset.

Above all, consult the person who uses your machine to understand the expected operation in relation to the production requirements.

Do not forget your financial restrictions or freedom regarding your project.

Step 3: Consult hydraulic experts in the field

In this step, you may already have your project globally in mind: your ideas, many technical and financial questions should already be relieved.

When, how and for which budget do you want the supply and integration of the new hydraulic power pack or your hydraulic benchmark?

The theory is good but place to practice. The best solution is to confront your questions and ideas with experts in the field.

As an example, AMACH is specialized in industrial hydraulics systems and equipment.

She is expert in the realization of hydraulic power station and hydraulic benchmark.

AMACH can work closely with your team by taking care of your project from the study to the integration of the solution.

That service includes the design, the integration, the supply and the preventive / predictive maintenance of your hydraulic power pack or hydraulic benchmark.


Would you want to know the last three steps to build your hydraulic power pack or hydraulic benchmark?

Feel free to contact our hydraulic specialist team.

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