Industrial supplies

“I’m carrying out preventive or curative maintenance. I want to repair my machine, re-adapt it or simply modernise a piece of equipment or my installations. I need to a find a supplier that will provide quality at the best possible price and within an acceptable amount of time, how do I go about it?”

AMACH supplies hydraulic and mechanical equipment covering a range of industrial sectors. We work closely with multiple manufacturers. We deliberately remain independent in order to give you freedom of choice when it comes to product quality, price and delivery times.

This strategy enables us to offer you components from multiple families on the basis of:

  • Your references
  • Equivalent and interchangeable components
  • Adaptation of a part that no longer exists

Being independent to supply you with the best

Hydraulics are YOUR STRENGTH

A.Ma.C.H. Consulting designs and creates hydraulic systems on the basis of your specifications and technical configuration. We provide our services, from design through to execution, in France and elsewhere in the world. Our systems can be designed to meet ATEX directive standards.

Maintenance is OUR BUSINESS

We provide preventive and curative maintenance services for your hydraulic facilities and machine tools and also sell components, irrespective of brand.

We can find what you are looking for

You’re looking for hydraulic and pneumatic components. We can supply you with products (non-exhaustive list), such as:

  • Cylinders
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Motors
  • Distributors
  • Flow and pressure control valves

Do you want to make improvements to your existing hydraulic and electrical systems? We can deliver synergy-generating solutions and support you through your projects.


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