What are the roles of a hydraulic EXPERT?

Jan 23, 2019

AMACH ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION : an Innovative Industrial Hydraulic Company

Our company  is specializes in industrial hydraulics. We are based In France and we intervene In several African countries as well as in the Middle East. Our experience and knowledge of the sector make our company an innovative company in the field of industrial hydraulics.  Intervening in several Sectors such as the petroleum, maritime, aerospace, oil and gas industry, Steel, Automotive, rail, cement, our company ensures the supply and maintenance of all your hydraulic industrial equipments thanks to our professional and qualified experts in this field.

The profession of hydraulic expert (or Hydraulician) 

The hydraulic expert, also called Hydraulician, is a person qualified by a good knowledge Theoretical and An excellent ‘ field experience ‘ ». It hasA strong capacity to   identifier Technical needs of the client, The Control Hydraulic circuits and fluid mechanics. Its scope of action From the provision of the simple component to the delivery of a complex solution through The design (3 D), the realization, The integration, preventive and curative maintenance of Equipment Hydraulic.

An expert role Hydraulic

As an expertThehydrauliCien must To live up to His client, be attentive to it and know how to adapt to its interlocutor. That its interlocutor is An operator, A technician, control officer or engineer, Hydraulician to a Role and plays a technical adviser role. He works in close collaboration with his/her interlocutor (s) To analyze The need as a whole And Determine The best solution technique to adopt.

So, in the same way, « all the hydraulic diagrams are goods, but are they suitables Customer’s needs ‘? This issue thatève Of the technique is the directive that allows the hydraulic expert to adapt to the customer’s needs. For Provide the solution Adequateé, the hydraulic expert is interested in particular technical information: type of hydraulic fluid, oil quality, temperature, pressure, flow, strength, volume and safety to be adopted especially in environments with « high atmosphere « Explosive » also known as the ATEX Zone).

Throughout This Phase, it must project itself into a process of improvement through maintenance Preventive. In fact, once the solution is delivered, its objective is to To avoid a Non-predictable shutdown of hydraulic installations.

Hydraulic Maintenance

As a field man, he prevents production stops Had To failures of its hydraulic equipment and it also ensures A maintenance and troubleshooting service on the hydraulic circuitss. control, maintenance, renovation and Forecast are therefore the Masters Words of this industrial maintenance. As a hydraulic expert, the Hydraulician is a person who has acquired long Years ofField experiences in multiple business areas. It has an essential and central role As for The realization and maintenance of Equipment Hydraulics which it Are Entrusteds.

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