After a rather complicated year without being able to see you and travel, we were able to regain some freedom. And that’s why we were so happy to be able to meet you again at the ADIPEC show which took place from November 15 to 18, 2021 in Abu Dhabi.
It was a very intensive four days!

The first day was the most exciting because we were very impatient to meet you and to find this proximity. The day went by very fast, we didn’t see the hours pass. What was our joy to see the article we wrote published on the first day in the store of the show. A real boost for the future and always the same pleasure to meet you the following days. This day was full of beautiful meetings.

The days followed one another very quickly and here we are already at the last day. Despite the sadness of seeing the doors of this magnificent energy exhibition close, we had the honor of receiving on our stand Mr. Xavier CHATEL, the French ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, who contributes to the influence of French know-how in the country.

We were finally able to see together your projects as well as your needs, and look towards the future. This allowed us to show you our innovation: the FLYPULL, an ultra mobile pulling unit for your well maintenance. It will undoubtedly facilitate your operations.

Not only on the show that we could exchange, our partners, BUSINNES France, the FRENCH BUSINESS consul, or our agent TERRACOTTA, invited us to different evenings that allowed us to meet the local actors in a more relaxed way, by boat to discover ABU DHABI by night from the sea or on the French pavilion of the DUBAI World Expo.


These four days were a boost for the future, full of sensations, meetings and sharing. That’s why we invite you to come back next year to renew these meetings during the ADIPEC 2022 from November 7th to 10th 2022.




At AMACH, our motivation is to meet your needs in all circumstances.

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