We are all aware, but what are we doing to reduce our carbon impact? Are we all serious about acting for the environment?

Is industry compatible with eco-responsibility? Our production and consumption impact the environment. To fight against this phenomenon, companies must become eco-responsible by developing means of production to reduce their ecological impact through different processes.


Unfortunately, we have noticed that, despite the beautiful commitments written in the CSR charters of companies, actions do not follow words enough: the economy takes over. Some companies claim to be acting for the environment, for propriety and for their image, but they only do so partially.


Aware of this situation, AMACH has implemented responsible actions in each of its steps, whether in the design of its projects or within the company with its employees. Every action AMACH takes contributes to improving our future and we put responsible business at the service of our customers and the planet.

What do our water experts really do? We explain it all to you!


From the design stage of your project, our hydraulic experts consider its environmental impact throughout its life cycle. We study more efficient ways to use it.

Economy of functionality

We work with our partners to pool our resources and favor sharing over possession. We try to do ourselves a favor by borrowing from our partners their means to complete your project, and vice versa. 

Procurement and manufacturing

We take care to limit our environmental impact and consider the ethics of our suppliers. When sourcing materials for the manufacturing of the project, we ensure that we source materials from local companies.


Transportation and travel

We favor the use of low impact services to limit our carbon footprint. We try to use as little transportation as possible by grouping deliveries and using the least polluting transport. But the company does not limit itself to the transport of deliveries, the employees are also green! They move around using greener means of transport such as public transport, hybrid or fully electric vehicles or even the lowest Crit’Air.


Our hydraulic experts perform audits for the proper functioning of your equipment and supervision of your machines. The use of the machine is also optimized to reduce energy use and carbon impact as much as possible.


Extending the service life

Our hydraulic experts will help you set up and carry out maintenance on your equipment to extend the life of the equipment. This ensures their durability with a responsible consumption by avoiding the total replacement of the machine.



Waste is recycled, such as used oil, which is processed by specialized companies. All waste is sorted to the maximum to be recycled and to give them a second life. In the same way, within the company, the employees sort the waste, recycle the plastic bottles, print only when it is necessary…

As you can see, AMACH takes concrete actions to reduce its carbon impact from the very beginning of your projects.

Being eco-responsible is within everyone’s reach, and every action you take to reduce your carbon impact counts.

Eco-responsibility begins at the design stage of your project at AMACH

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