One more challenge taken up by our hydraulic expert: study, design and realization of a hydraulic power plant. Motorization imposed by the customer in terms of power and supplier: the hydraulic equipment must be marinized because it will be used as a generator during work on shipyards.

Study of the customer’s problem: Design a compact hydraulic power unit with ALL the necessary equipment.

You already know that specifications alone are often not enough. In order to better understand your real needs and the end use of this equipment, the hydraulic expert must take into consideration all the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems of your project.

The hydraulic power plant is therefore, in this case, a tailor-made request and we work in partnership with the customer to ensure that the realization is up to his expectations.

  • Functionality of the machine
  • Motorization & power
  • Technical data (setting ranges, flow rate-pressure)
  • Hydraulic and electrical power systems
  • Filtration system
  • Conformity of the device with soundproofing and extinguishing system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Emergency Safety
  • Etc.

Solutions sometimes going beyond the initial expectations are also proposed to you to anticipate your future needs.


After the study: design, realization of the hydraulic power unit & customer satisfaction

Guaranteeing the functionality of the hydraulic equipment supplied and the easy replacement of its components is of utmost importance. This is why we work with the best suppliers while remaining independent.

Finally, after a COVID19 period, the hydraulic generator is at our customer’s site in operation!

Marinized hydraulic power unit designed to be used as a portable power supply for hydraulically operated equipment. It is also supplied with 2 pre-installed batteries. The hydraulic system feeds radio-controlled double-acting distributors. Motorization power 93KW 2000tr thanks to the JOHN DEERE engine from NPS. Main circuit: flow rate 200L/min, pressure 300 bar. Noise level at the console: 82 dB. Reinforced safety system with engine fault warning and very low machine stop, C02 fire extinguisher, emergency stop on the machine and on the radio control.

Do you have a project? We bring you our expertise and solutions adapted to your needs and use.

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