To the question « where can you find hydraulic equipment? » our hydraulic experts will answer: « EVERYWHERE ». During his career, our senior hydraulic expert has worked on your hairdresser’s, your car, your rides at the fair or in theaters, on your airplanes, your elevators, your boats, and in almost every industry. In short, without knowing it, you come across and use hydraulic equipment that our experts have studied, manufactured and repaired. What if we went further in our thinking? 

What is hydraulics?

By definition, hydraulics is the science and the set of technologies of use of the mechanics of liquid fluids.
The word hydraulic is often associated with river water, but in our case we will talk about hydraulic fluids using mainly oil, even if in our field we can also use water, fuel, sludge or any other fluid, as long as it is liquid.
We use this liquid to ensure the transfer of energy from one point to another.
To put it simply, we will transmit an energy to the fluid which will transport it from one point to another point to transform it back into energy.
The fluid can also be used to lubricate or regulate the temperature of parts. 


What do our water experts really do? We explain it all to you!

Le fluide hydraulique a l’avantage de pouvoir transporter une grande quantité d’énergie et de transformer cette énergie hydraulique en énergie mécanique avec des appareils (vérin, moteur etc) qui sont beaucoup moins encombrants que les équipements électriques. Les systèmes hydrauliques possèdent un meilleur rendement poids/puissance que les systèmes électriques. 



L’hydraulique va permettre de déplacer, soutenir ou bloquer des équipements mécaniques.

What do our water experts really do? We explain it all to you!

In the industrial field, hydraulics is used to operate various machines, in particular heavy equipment.
As Christophe MOUCHE, our hydraulic expert, can say, it will depend on the application.
When designing a system, it is always necessary to make a comparison with other electrical, mechanical or other technologies.
At a time when everyone is talking about hybridization, our hydraulic engineers have long been able to recover energy during braking to store it and restore it during the reverse movement.


For example, since 1899 (yes, more than 120 years already!), the elevators of the EIFFEL TOWER, which use the energy of the braking of the descent of the car, store this energy in weight accumulators and restore it when the car goes up.
Our hydraulic expert C.MOUCHE tells us the following anecdote: « When the EIFFEL TOWER company put out a call for tenders to modernize its elevators, they received some offers with all-electric solutions, but the power required to obtain the same level of performance would have almost necessitated the installation of a « nuclear power plant » nearby.
The hydraulic experts for the new system used the same solution as our old ones which resulted in a significant reduction in power consumption.

When you call on our hydraulic experts, they make a global analysis of your needs to ensure that the solutions provided will allow you to reduce your energy consumption. Very often, this leads to a technological breakthrough and often a higher manufacturing cost than the non-thought solution. Although this difference is very quickly paid back with the energy savings achieved, today still too few industries take the step.
When we talk about energy savings, we must also talk about equipment maintenance, which we will address in a future article.
Our experts are at your service to improve the energy performance of your installations


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