Why should you identify your hydraulic black boxes

Jan 31, 2020


You have maybe heard of them or you may be equipped with them. However, do you really know what they are? (…)

Let me tell you a short feedback.

I visited an industrial a few years ago who faced to a hydraulic issue on his installation. As a new employee, he didn’t have lot of information on his equipment and so far, he never used similar installation before. In addition to his, his company didn’t have any hydraulic archives or diagram of is installation. He spends a lot of time questioning his team to understand the problem on his installation and didn’t success. He lost his times and productivity because of this hydraulic black bloc.


Origine of your hydraulic black boxes

Very often, hydraulic black blocks, more commonly called hydraulic black boxes are sets of unidentified hydraulic components. By definition, a hydraulic black box can be a complex hydraulic power plant whose components and how they work are unknown to your teams. You can be equipped with black hydraulic boxes for several reasons

– Absence of archival documents due to the loss of your documents in paper or digital format

– Departure or change of position of your qualified personnel

– Modification of your hydraulic installation by your teams or an external service provider without this being mentioned in your diagrams and other documents.

Meaning so, a hydraulic black box can be big issue that any industrial can have without even knowing it. And as many reasons can cause you heavy damage.

What are the risks associated with your black box?

Some will say that « usually, when everything is going well, there is nothing to worry about ». However, on the contrary, it is better to prevent risks. Indeed, one of the main consequences that can harm you is above all the loss of production. When you have a breakdown, before you even intervene for maintenance, you must determine the type of breakdown: is it a mechanical, electrical or an hydraulic problem… is it a hydraulic pump that has failed, a motor and if so, is it a loss of pressure due to oil pollution or filter clogging that requires a stronger thrust from your pump?


The advantages: reactivity, anticipation and optimisation

In contrast to the example above, those who identify their black box will be able to better control their equipment, anticipate breakdowns and optimise their production by guaranteeing reliability and improvement. Moreover, the identification of your hydraulic black boxes is absolute necessity when you wish to carry out maintenance or improvement operations on your hydraulic installations.

How do we support and solve our customer issue on their hydraulic  identification and improvment process

The identification of your hydraulic black boxes is therefore essential to understand your manufacturing process, to arrange the technical elements of your machines, to be reactive in case of failure, to optimize the use of your hydraulic installations. Thanks to its hydraulic expertise AMACH support your team on the inspection and analysis of your equipment and hydraulic issue.

As a conclusion: you can have a black box sometimes without even knowing it. And as many reasons can cause you heavy damage. Therefore, waiting to the equipment stoppage before identifying each element of your installation is the worst idea if you wish to improve your productivity and ensure their sustainability.