How many companies using machines with hydraulic systems have already found themselves with a drop in productivity or a complete stoppage? Is it due to a lack of expertise, a lack of organization or by negligence of your hydraulic systems.

When your systems break down and you have no other choice but to stop production, it has a financial, human and therefore a negative impact on your productivity. You act in all directions and in a hurry. However, did you know that in hydraulics, it is possible to guarantee your productivity and make your machines reliable?

Before listing possible solutions, as hydraulics experts, we closely analyze what may be the cause of your productivity stoppage.

First of all, knowing where the malfunctions come from is essential. Is it a hydraulic, mechanical or electrical problem or is your method of use not adapted? Nothing better than an ISHIKAWA diagram to list the causes of your problem. This Japanese method, simple and visual, allows you to analyze your manufacturing equipment, your work method, your work environment, your workforce and your work environment to better identify the origin of the problem.

Solution 1 : Take a step back, delegate, have an audit done by a hydraulic expert.

Once you have established your ISHIKAWA diagram, take a step back to better analyze the situation. Your daily life is very busy but you must be careful of the butterfly effect: the slightest small hydraulic leak can quickly turn into an oil puddle! Your objective is to maintain your productivity: stay alert.

With hydraulic expertise, this hydraulic leak, if taken care of in time, can be solved in collaboration with experts to save you trouble, time and money (loss of productivity).

Therefore, call upon an external company that, with a fresh eye, will be able to accompany you in the analysis of your problems and find adapted technical solutions

Solution 2: Anticipate, prevent the risk, opt for preventive maintenance to be carried out by a hydraulic expert.

Anticipating problems means ensuring your productivity. To do so, do not hesitate to keep a schedule of preventive maintenance to be done according to the use of your equipment. Think of delegating this maintenance to a specialized external company.

What is your advantage to call upon an expert company in hydraulics?  It is in other words to have solutions that you might not have thought of. It will be able to accompany you not only in the detection of the potential problems but will also be able to assist you in the realization of the curative maintenance and the preventive maintenance.

Solution 3: Improve yourself, use your failures to avoid the worst

Above all, think of « continuous improvement ». It is essential to use your mistakes. This also applies to hydraulics. Mistakes are tomorrow’s successes. By analyzing a malfunction in one system, it is likely that solutions will be found for all the machines that serve your productivity.

Solution 4 : Train your teams, control your hydraulic installations.

We’ve talked about machines, but just like us, you know that the machine is nothing without its user. This is why it is necessary to train your teams. Hydraulic training can be partially covered by your OPCOs, provided the training organization is certified.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of industrialist you are, you may have to stop production for a variety of reasons. Sometimes these can be due to human error: use of an unsuitable manufacturing method, lack of training, neglect of preventive maintenance of your equipment, etc.

You’ll understand: you can avoid breakdowns and guarantee your productivity. To do so, rely on a method of continuous improvement of your hydraulic circuits and all your installations, as well as on good practice in training your teams. To do so, nothing is better than to count on a hydraulic expert who will bring you a fresh eye on the state of your machines and the areas for possible improvement.

The role of the hydraulic expert is not only to detect the origin of the problem encountered but also to provide you with long-term solutions: curative, preventive and predictive maintenance. AMACH ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION accompanies you in all these steps

Would you like to know the last three steps? Please contact us.



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