This year EVOLEN honors « these VSE and SME which choose the professional equality to evolve ».
For us this question does not arise, that’s why we decided to participate and … we were laureate!


At AMACH, both women and men are key drivers and all have their place in our company.

Where do you find hydraulics?

To the question "where can you find hydraulic equipment?" our hydraulic experts will answer: "EVERYWHERE". During his career, our senior hydraulic expert has worked on your hairdresser's, your car, your rides at the fair or in theaters, on your airplanes, your...

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All Eco-Responsible

We are all aware, but what are we doing to reduce our carbon impact? Are we all serious about acting for the environment? Is industry compatible with eco-responsibility? Our production and consumption impact the environment. To fight against this phenomenon, companies...

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