During a project, the trades meet to achieve the final project. Today we are going to talk to you about the trade of industrial pipefitter.


The pipe fitter in an industrial environment carries out a technical maintenance job. He works on piping networks carrying fluids, whether liquid or gaseous, corrosive or explosive, at varying temperatures and pressures. The industrial pipe fitter creates pipe lines from a technical diagram. Most of the time, they work in pairs with a welder.


– In addition to his primary activity, he can assemble additional equipment (valves, fittings, etc.).
– He has strong skills in boiler making and welding.
– He operates in workshops, on building sites, in all types of sectors such as petrochemicals, shipbuilding, food processing or nuclear.

The hydraulic pipefitter is able to :
– Read a hydraulic diagram
– Carry out the piping from the diagrams and instructions
– Form, weld and assemble
– Carry out the necessary repairs during commissioning

As you may have understood, the pipefitting profession can be very dangerous. That is why AMACH takes the necessary measures to protect its employees and subcontractors in all situations.



To ensure that our collaborator or subcontractor is protected in all situations, our team carries out work upstream of the implementation of the project. This is very important. Indeed, it allows us to ensure that the work is carried out with a zero incidence rate. Customer satisfaction will thus be achieved in complete safety.

To do this, we carry out a pre-project inventory on site to understand the work environment. Our studies are adapted. Most of the time, we involve the intervening technician so that he can have the best field approach and work in good conditions. All precautions are taken. The customer is also involved in all the actions carried out, whether it is the visit of the site, the prevention plan… nothing can be done without the approval of our customer. We set up a very active communication between the various actors to avoid any danger. Good communication is the key to zero accidents.


AMACH promotes good communication between all entities and supports everyone who works with it.

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