However, the proposed new generation does not fit in place. How can you find the service provider who will be able to adapt this supply to get your system up and running again in complete safety?


A concrete example is proof of this. One of our customers asked us to change a pressure sensor on one of their machines. The reference given by our customer allows us to identify the original supplier and the type of sensor. A few days later, we receive the product and, as with every reception, we check its conformity with the initial request. However, the supplier sent us a new generation sensor without informing us that the product could have a dimensional difference. When it was installed, the sensor was not compatible with the machine.

So how do we solve this incompatibility?

Our expert did everything necessary to find a solution. An alternative was found and the customer’s needs were met in time, thanks to AMACH’s responsiveness. Another challenge taken up!



For us, one of our priorities is to guarantee the functionality of your equipment supplied as well as the easy replacement of its components, which is just as important. For this reason, we make every effort to work with the best suppliers while remaining independent.

However, as seen previously, the appearance of an incompatibility not visible at first sight is possible. But everything is there our strength to react to solve the problem.

Your specifications are very important to us, but they are often not enough. That is why we try to answer your need as well as possible according to the price, the quality, the deadlines…
Moreover, if the requested product does not exist any more, our expert does not stop there and seeks a solution at any cost. AMACH makes sure that your products are in place and finds the necessary means to achieve this through alternatives.

For you, we never give up.

AMACH will support you throughout your application, from start to finish.

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