Between the health crisis, the vacations, technical stoppages, many production machines have had a long period of downtime. Can they be restarted without taking some precautions?

Our hydraulics experts give you some advice so that you can start your production in a sustainable way.

To begin with, a general check of the machine must be carried out. This check is done by a visual control of the different parts of the machine. The aim is to check if the machine is visually functional, to see if the buttons and sensors are in the right position, the levels, etc.






Then, we can start to check the components of the machine. It allows us to determine the causes or future causes of breakdowns that may occur. It is therefore necessary to check:

– The air/oil exchangers that there are no foreign bodies on the radiator or on the fan example plastic bag or other,

– The air filters, that they are not obstructed, for example a nest of insect or rag,

– The cylinder rods, they must be clean. There may be drops of paint following work, for example,

– The coils of the distributors must be in their place.





We can move on to the MOST IMPORTANT: checking the hydraulic oils. They are the main cause of breakdowns. Studies show that 80% of breakdowns are caused by the quality of the hydraulic oil. During a long stop, the oil tends to settle, so we will find in the bottom of the tank:

– A deposit of fine particles that will go directly into the pumps,

– But also, in humid climates, water that may corrode the internal parts of the components. If the oils are dirty, they can damage the machine and all its related components.



Finally, we can move on to checking the fluid levels. It is important to check the fluid levels. If one of the liquids is missing, it can deteriorate the machine in time and cause serious problems such as a production stop. Your machine is finally ready to be restarted whitout causing any problems. It can ensure the production as it should.




Do you have any doubts, do you want to be reassured?  AMACH Consulting’s experts are at your disposal to help you restart your production in complete safety.

AMACH Consulting and its experts will accompany you in your steps and answer all your problems.

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