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Ours CSR Charter

NEWS AMACH : Our objective is to respond to environmental, societal and ethical issues that have become essential in our society. This is why AMACH ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is committed to a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach. It is considered as a guarantee of progress and durability and it is the key to a shared growth, profitable for the company, its collaborators, partners and more widely the civil society and the environment within which we evolve.

AMACH ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION’s commitments are formalized in a Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Charter. It is a reference document defining the objectives, principles and roles of each person. It is accompanied by an internal training for each new employee


Within the framework of its Charter of Social and Environmental Responsibility, AMACH ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is committed to:

  • – Reduce its ecological footprint and build a lasting legacy for future generations.
  • To make its employees aware of the environmental issues and the adaptation of their behavior that must result from them.
  •  Promoting diversity and equal opportunity, respecting and valuing diversity of background, culture and origin.
  • Ensure a stimulating work environment open to dialogue, in compliance with work rules and standards.
  • Encourage the development of skills and the social advancement of its employees throughout their professional lives.
  •  Encourage its partners, subcontractors and suppliers to adhere to its values and to contribute to its commitments


Building a lasting legacy for future generations

With a view to continuous improvement, we are pursuing a proactive environmental policy. We are committed to positioning ourselves as an eco-responsible player. This policy has enabled us to develop areas of intervention to control and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our Green Hydraulics policy

As a partner of major French and international groups, we are developing a Green Hydraulics policy based on two major areas: reducing the environmental impact of hydraulic systems and using them to support the sustainable development of our customers.

  •  Reducing the impact of our hydraulic solutions on the environment: because they are energy intensive, our hydraulic systems and their use must be rationalized and improved. In order to reduce our carbon footprint and that of our end-users, our customers, we are carrying out various actions:
    • The integration of sustainable hydraulic solutions: we recommend to our customers economical and sustainable solutions to overcome recurrent breakdowns and corrective maintenance. The latter often require the replacement of obsolete hydraulic components.
    •  The integration of preventive maintenance solutions: resulting from the first action, preventive maintenance makes it possible to prevent any risk of breakdown in order to guarantee the viability of the hydraulic materials and solutions installed by our hydraulic experts for our customers.
    • Workstation management: eco-responsible purchasing, organization of the end of life of equipment, reduction of electricity consumption.
  • Use of our information systems to support sustainable development: also called « Green IT ». The second axis of the Green Hydraulics policy consists of using new technologies as a lever to improve environmental performance. In particular, the company is committed to the implementation and evolution of information systems. Its communication through the integration of software allowing to reduce the number of paper printings and thus participate to the safeguard of the fauna.

Waste management

We apply a waste collection and treatment policy at all levels within the company. Thus, waste baskets dedicated to paper are available to employees and waste related to common equipment (coffee machine, etc.) are recovered and recycled. Used computer consumables are collected, sorted and recycled.

Reduction of travel and use of public transport

We are committed to a systematic approach to minimizing travel, in particular through videoconferencing and web conferencing. When necessary, the travel of the company’s employees is rationalized in the direction of public transport and in order to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. Employees benefit from the payment of their public transport tickets and give priority to public transport in Ile de France

Raising awareness among employees, customers and partners

 Our approach was designed to be developed in a collective and collaborative manner. It involves all the company’s players, employees, customers and partners, at their respective levels.

To enable everyone to participate in the common effort initiated by the company, we rely on several means and media to raise awareness.

First of all, the company’s CSR Charter and the internal charter are presented to new employees upon their arrival in the company. The latter consists of a collection of good practices to be adopted by each employee in order to participate in the company’s environmental efforts.

In addition, a message accompanied by a visual logo located at the bottom of each of our e-mails will invite the recipient from 30/05/2019 not to print the e-mail to contribute to the respect of the environment.

Finally, we convey through our communications to the press, on its website or within its internal communication media, the values of sustainable development that it supports and embodies.



Promoting diversity and equal opportunity, committing to our employees

The principles of social and ethical responsibility guide our company in its management of human resources and its actions towards its employees. These commitments are reflected in a proactive policy consisting of :

  • Commitments to employee well-being: We are committed to contributing to the development of our employees through our organization, our management model and the benefits we offer. In this sense, the company has put in place various measures contributing to the well-being of its employees.
  • Close management: Each employee is accompanied individually in his or her career within our company by the manager and or the administrative manager and or the N+1 of the new employee. By favoring dialogue and common understanding, they lead the employee on the path to success and professional development, encouraging him or her to develop his or her skills on a daily basis.
  • Social anti-dumping and anti-slavery policy: We are committed to fighting against social dumping practices and modern slavery, whatever its nature. To do so, the company relies on the active collaboration of its employees, managers, partners, suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Diversity, equal opportunities: Synonymous with human wealth and economic growth, diversity is seen within our company as an asset to be respected, developed and promoted. The company is therefore committed to developing a culture of equal opportunity and respect for others and their differences.

This commitment applies to all stages of human resources management, such as hiring, training, advancement and professional promotion of employees, etc. For example, the application form sent to all those who apply for a job with us does not require gender or nationality, and the date of birth is optional information.

Team AMACH : an eco-resonsible committed to its social and societam policy .

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