Many people wonder if they can carry out their industrial maintenance themselves. But obviously, if you don’t have the right expertise, you could get lost, worse yet, you could cause a lot of damage. On the other hand, some would judge the price of industrial maintenance too high, which leads them to neglect this important step.

Is it wise to hire a company specialized in industrial maintenance?

In short, hiring an industrial maintenance company is not an option, it is an obligation if you want a company that lasts. By doing so, you can be sure that your industrial machinery will work for as long as possible. Their monitoring will indeed be done on a constant basis. And even in this context, don’t neglect the point of view of an in-house expert.

For example, you are used to working 8 hours a day on your machine that you know perfectly well. You get used to the little leaking drop of oil that you no longer pay attention to. This is completely normal. However, this drop, which seems « harmless » to you, can be perceived as a leak caused by an internal organ. Very often, only the intervention of an external person will put the chip in your ear. It will allow you to avoid the worst: a production stoppage due to a failure that would have deserved special attention.

Predicting and optimizing the rate of availability through industrial maintenance

The term maintenance also has a much broader meaning: preventive maintenance, which is intended to involve an expert in order to detect all minor problems and to plan appropriate solutions over the long term (changing a component, setting up a system to monitor the proper functioning of the machine, etc.). Curative maintenance, which should preferably be avoided, requires a quick intervention to make repairs in order to avoid further damage to your production line while ensuring that the machine will work very quickly. Thus, in addition to the maintenance itself, industrial maintenance companies organize and plan activities. At the same time, they will ensure stock management by providing you with the best components to meet your needs with a high lead time ratio. This will allow you to concentrate on your actual activity.
Moreover, by entrusting these various missions to professionals, the respect of the safety standards relating to the activity of the company (those which concern mainly machines and Men in the industrial production area) will be at the rendezvous. What more is required? Well, there will be more chances, even probabilities, that the objectives you have set yourself will be achieved.

What does an industrial maintenance company have more than the others?
It can be said that any maintenance manager, especially industrial maintenance companies, knows the basic rule of this sector: perfect control of the machines for which they are responsible. Perhaps you tell yourself that by dint of daily use, you are well placed to know this equipment. But this is not necessarily the case, because they contain many more technical and mechanical details that only professionals know.

In conclusion, there is a big difference between calling a professional and doing industrial maintenance yourself. With an expert in the field, the analysis steps are never neglected, just like the planned inspection. This is synonymous with getting around possible anomalies. Then, it’s time for corrective actions (purchase and replacement of parts, repair of existing parts…) adapted to the condition of your equipment. Also think of the undeniable savings you will reap with an industrial maintenance company: machine availability rate in operation, employees being able to work properly and safely, avoiding downtime on machines and services working in parallel. The recruitment of professionals is indeed not an additional expense. On the other hand, consider it as an investment.

Moreover, AMACH is ready to support you and help you realize your projects. The company relies on its expertise in industrial hydraulic maintenance. Over the last few years, AMACH has built up a know-how with customers from multiple sectors of activity: automotive, aviation, cement, metallurgy, petroleum, mining, rubber, etc. Whatever your field of intervention, the experience we have acquired over the years will help us to serve you. How many drops are you waiting for to contact us? We are all ears to your possible requests.

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